Summer still hangs hot and stagnant in the air, but sometimes, in the evenings, you can just about feel it: The subtle undercurrent of fall chill, as faint and nearly imperceptible as a ghostly spirit, waiting behind a hay bale to JUMP OUT AND...what do spirits do when they get you, anyway? Kill you? Probably kill you.

While the city is surfeit with middling haunted houses, haunted hay rides are largely the province of the less-populous hinterlands, like Long Island and New Jersey. But this year, NYC is getting its own, to be held on Randall's Island. From the New York Haunted Hay Ride website:

Hay filled wagons wander through a high-octane fantasy world in the woods to tell an original story that exploits the most disturbing fears that live in us all. New York City will see the biggest and best scares from 7 years of haunting the West Coast. A tractor drawn, hay wagon will slither it’s way through enchanted Halloween portals of ghostly apparitions, demonic possessions, orphanages of burnt children, creatures of leviathan proportion, Psychopathic Clowns of the Night and much, MUCH more.

Randall's Island is perfectly suited to host a haunted hay ride, having in the past been the site of everything from an insane asylum to a prison to a mass graveyard to Electric Zoo. The spectacle will prove especially terrifying for New Yorkers, who are more accustomed to city-based horrors like rats and rosé shortages than chainsaw-wielding farmers and wide open spaces. This particular production is from the same people who created the Los Angeles Hay Ride, which received mixed reviews on Yelp, though there's no function to filter out the ones who docked stars on account of parking.

The hay ride will open on Friday, October 2nd, and run on selected dates through rest of the month from 7 to 11 p.m. (Click here for specifics.) General admission is $35.