This morning Rockefeller Plaza was surrounded by hordes of One Direction fans. Tiny, determined, screaming fans. Many had been there for at least a day in hopes of getting a good spot at the free Today show concert—one 12-year-old told the NY Post, “My hips have been hurting because I was [sitting] on the ground so long, but you got to do what you got to do." The band broke the concert series' attendance record, which was held by... themselves, by drawing 15,000 fans today. Here is what that looks like, from above:

"Which Direction? Screaming Tweens outside the office #1DToday" (via richlatour's Instagram)

So WHO ARE THESE GUYS, you may be asking yourself, as an adult. We're here to help with this selection of facts we found on The Internet:

  • The band formed in 2010, and consists of five members: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.
  • Harry is the youngest, Louis is the oldest, and they were all born in the 1990s.
  • They met on the British music competition show The X Factor, where they were all originally competing as solo musicians.
  • Like all well-trained PR puppets, they "don't believe in sex before marriage."
  • Harry's favorite song, according to this list, is "Free Fallin'"... by John Mayer. It's unclear if Harry knows who Tom Petty is.
  • Also... Harry has four nipples.
  • Their debut studio album, Up All Night, came out in 2011, and includes this rather catchy single, "What Makes You Beautiful":

  • There's a lot of One Direction fan fic... like, a lot.
  • They actually are very talented... in a fine-tuned, machine-like way.
  • They are probably robots. Their NOT being robots has never been confirmed.
  • Are you seriously still reading this?
  • There is oddly no One Direction robot fan fic... but we are carving out some time in our schedule.
  • Sometimes they get all singer songwriter-y and go ACOUSTIC and the ladies probably love it...

  • Are they the new Beatles or Queen? There's a lively discussion at Yahoo! Answers. They actually do claim to be influenced by Queen.
  • More to the point: are they the new N'Sync or NKOTB?
  • We can definitively say that NO, they will never have that raw, from the streets of Boston edge that New Kids On The Block had. NEVAH!