Meet CuteThe NY Post gives date suggestions for where to take girls, whether they be trend surfer, a highbrow glamour-puss or a proud bohemian" - apparently proud bohemian also means "cheap date." (And it seems like the Post doesn't think the Olive Garden is a good date option. D'oh!) Some of the usual suspects are named: Sumile, The Sanctum at Tribeca Grand, the new cafes at the Met. But, if you want to show someone a Gothamist good time, our top picks are:

mermaidinn.jpg- Watching Jerry Orbach do scenes for an episode of Law & Order
- Crawling onto the High Line.
- Watching Law & Order film one of its three incarnations while perched on the High Line.
- Wandering around Central Park or the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, or visiting the Great Whale at the Museum of Natural History
- Wine and snacks at Otto
- Movie (preferably at an arthouse movie theater not the Angelika)
- Dinner at the Mermaid Inn or Blue Hill or, on a weekday, Daisy May's take-out
- Music at Southpaw
- Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory ice cream on the Brooklyn promenade or cupcakes from Magnolia in the Village
- A nightcap at one of these bars

And obviously, if someone wanted to take Gothamist for a sit-down at Peter Luger's or gave us a gift of some tri-color cookies, Gothamist wouldn't object.

Gothamist on some dating dealbreakers.