I believe you know my date...Gothamist has decided to share with you one of our favorite games. Born out of some discussion about a party invite list, "I Believe You Know My Date..." isn't really a game in the traditional sense: It's more a way of annoying and humoring your friends. The premise is that you're bringing a date (could be a romantic interest, it could be a friend) to some function that your friends will be attending. And you introduce your date by saying, "I believe you know my date...your first serious boyfriend who cheated on you." Or "I believe you know my date...that professor who gave you an A-minus, ruining your GPA!" Obviously specificity is preferred (for example, a good one for us might be: "I believe you know my date, Lauren Weisberger") as it shows you know which of your friends' buttons to push. Another variation is a shared discussion of "dates" for some other person, which lets you dish about that friend who is not present. The idea is simple, your friends' pasts are rich, and "I believe you know my date..." can make for minutes, if not drunken hours ("I believe you know my date...Saddam Hussein.") of fun. Getting your friends to give a smirk or ruefully smile or start laughing is the ideal goal, although getting a "harrumph" and some sulking might show you know your friend's hang-ups too well.