Sure we may never get a slide into the subway or one in our airports but we can deal: The New Museum is about to install a three-story slide in its Bowery building. Wheeeee!

Functioning as "an alternative transportation system" within the Museum, the slide is an original work within a larger survey of the works of the German artist Carsten Höller, who has previously installed similar slides in places like the Tate Museum (which is what you see in the above image). The 102-foot-long plastic tube will twist and turn down the building from the fourth floor through ceilings and floors into the second floor and sounds freaking awesome to the small children in us. However if you are a nervous Nellie, never fear: the Museum will offer helmets and elbow pads and there will be lockers for you to put your stuff in when sliding.

In addition to the slide the exhibit—which runs from from October 26 to January 15, 2012—will include selected works from Höller's career that "demonstrate different experimental dimensions of his work." Very cool. But did we mention there will be a giant slide?