A new public artwork by British artist David Shrigley popped up near an entrance to Central Park this week, and it's...a giant grocery list.

Visitors can check out "Memorial" at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza at 59th Street near 5th Avenue until February 12th. The 17-foot-tall granite sculpture plays with the idea of using a civic monument to honor something as trivial as a grocery list. "Public monuments are familiar features of parks and plazas across the world and enable communities to celebrate, remember, or pay homage to great endeavors or individuals," Public Art Fund Associate Curator Emma Enderby said in a statement. "By memorializing a list in this way, the work pays homage both to no-one and to everyone —it’s a simple ode to humanity." Plus, it's pretty cool to see the word "tampons" set in stone.

Shrigley, who is based in Brighton in the U.K., has two more installations going up this month. A giant "thumbs-up" sculpture called "Really Good" will go up in Trafalgar Square in London at the end of September, and a new participatory exhibition at the Rose Art Museum, at Brandeis University will open as well.