Last night's episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey included segments dedicated to Joe Giudice showering his wife Teresa with expensive gifts for their 10 year anniversary (despite what seemed like major concerns he had over their financial situation; clip below). Or at least, we hear this is what happened—we were busy reading books.

In the end, there was a helicopter ride, a diamond ring in a dessert, and of course an overnight stay at a luxury hotel... in Jersey City. Perhaps the best part of all this was when the couple pointed out there was a pretty park underneath them during their flight over Manhattan—the pilot quickly pointed out: "That's Central Park."

Surely this anniversary bill was just the cherry on top of whatever led to their eventual bankruptcy. And now the couple is looking to unload their possessions in a bankruptcy auction on August 22nd—Gawker has a preview of what will be on the block. Wonder at what point during which they were burying themselves under an $11 million debt to creditors that they thought: yeah, let's buy that suit of armor.