2006_01_krupnik.jpgAfter the display of a Santa Claus holding a decapitated doll's head in front of his East 18th Street townhouse, it's not surprising to think of Joel Krupnik as a wacky and/or eccentric neighbor. However, chasing a 13 year-old girl and attacking her with dog poo that her Chihuahua left in front of his house is pretty much going into new territory in terms of bad neighbors. The Post reports that the 13 year-old's 4 pound dog pooped on the sidewalk - and did not scoop. That's a fine-able offense! Unfortunately Krupnik didn't make a citizen's arrest - he just chased her to her apartment building and smeared dog poop in her hair and on her CATHOLIC SCHOOL UNIFORM. The girl's mother claimed the daughter didn't see the dog poop near a tree and said, "She's just a baby. She's scared and afraid. He's the creepiest person in the neighborhood. He's not friendly at all. He's scary looking." Then why walk the dog in front of his house? We would imagine Krupnik is peering out of his windows, waiting for someone to pull stunts like that. Krupnik was arrested for "criminal mischief and menacing" and was "expected to spend the night in custody."

While we don't endorse people chasing poop non-scoopers, Gothamist must say we understand Krupnik's rage - there are some streets are veritable obstacle courses of dog crap. And the NYC Health Code calls dog (or cat) poop a "nuisance" in the law that forbids poops made on the sidewalk. But you need to be unhinged to pick up dog poop - even if you're wearing gloves. (If anyone can find out if Krupnik wore gloves, used his bare hands or grabbed a newspaper, let us know!)

Photograph of Krupnik with his daughter from Animal magazine on Flickr