phpBTuIxJPM.jpgAs far as houses in New York City go, the one at the corner of Charles and Greenwich Streets may be the most coveted amongst city dwellers. The NY Times takes a look inside the home that so many have tried to peer into as they've passed by. Current owners, Ms. Bieler and Mr. Brodsky, "have been the stewards" of the house for the past 20 of its 200 years. The structure previously resided at a different address, on York and 71st Street, where it moved from in 1967 on a flatbed truck. Bieler purchased the home in 1988, but has never told anyone what the price was (the paper notes that in 1986 it went for $725,000). In 2000 Bieler and Brodksy hired an architect who revived the place, and he told them: “This isn’t a house renovation. This is like repairing a very, very old piece of furniture.” The Times has put together a slideshow of the home...try not to be too jealous as you click through.