Could you help solve a fifty year old missing persons case? The case of an "Unidentified White Male," aka "Case File 585UMPA," aka "Mr. Bones" resurfaced recently when a cold case hobbyist contacted Levys' Unique NY about it, asking for some help. The website was unable to help, and they're now bringing it to the public's attention in case anyone has any information.

What is known?

  • "Mr. Bones" had "a connection to the Greenwich Village bohemian poetry scene in the 1950s."
  • He was over 6-feet tall, weighed around 200 lbs, and had brown hair.
  • His remains were found on October 9th, 1958 about a half mile north of the Midway plaza of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, near Bedford, Pa.
  • When he was found, he had been dead for months, after being shot in the head.
  • At the time of his death he was wearing a motorcycle jacket, dungarees, and engineer boots.
  • He also had a few items on him: a mess kit, a key that had "Active 195 Avenue A" stamped on it, as well as a few books of poetry.
  • He had "gold dental work and contact lenses, which were uncommon and expensive in 1958."

It's unclear if his death was a homicide or suicide, and if he was hitchhiking at the time. For more clues, there's been an ongoing conversation at WebSleuths, where on poster believes "The inscription on the key is the keymaker's address," and notes that section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike had "separate service plazas on each side of the Turnpike, meaning that if he were dropped off while hitchhiking, he would presumably have been heading west if his body was found north of the turnpike." Take your best shot at helping to crack this one...