Outside of Starbucks on Pine Street yesterday morning. (Photo by Joshua Hirsch)

There's really no better way to get publicity for your art project than by making it a naked art project. It's worked before, and it will work forever. Yesterday artist Zefrey Throwell brought 50 actors to the Wall Street area at 7 a.m., where they portrayed different types of New Yorkers (dog walkers, janitors, hot dog vendors)... nude. Throwell got a whole two-page profile in the New York Times for his work today, titled Ocularpation: Wall Street, which resulted in the arrest of three participants (all from the Young Naturists and Nudists of New York City). Prior to The Man's takedown of the performance art project, one woman reportedly walked by and declared: “He’s buck-naked—Lord have mercy!” At press time it's unclear if she said this while fanning herself.

While the NYPD wasn't too pleased with the project (the arrests were for creating a public disturbance), Zefrey & Co. remained enthusiastic, saying, “Kids in Calcutta and kids in Tulsa right now are talking about Wall Street, but they have never been there, and don’t know that there’s a Tiffany’s, that there’s more sandwich shops than banks, that there’s more gyms happening there than stock trading.”

But let's get back to the art. Throwell told the Gray Lady it was “an educational attempt to lend more transparency to Wall Street, a street which is so damn mysterious," adding that he hoped to create “an absurdist Freudian nightmare." Did he succeed? Hit up Animal for a NSFW look at the action.