charlieb1208.jpgEveryone's favorite loser is coming to Brooklyn this month to spread some nostalgic holiday cheer. The Pig Brooch Theatre Company is performing A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Brooklyn Lyceum the weekend of December 19th. The troupe "will perform verbatim the television special...accompanied by a jazz trio performing all of the Vince Guaraldi favorites live! The actors created The Charlie Brown Christmas at the Penn State Theatre program, where performances have become an annual tradition. They all share a deep love for this holiday favorite and have worked extremely hard to match the exact voices and physicalities of the cartoon characters." This is the first time it will be performed in New York, and tickets are 10 bucks, reminding us of Lucy Van Pelt's very own words: "Look, Charlie, let's face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket." Okay, maybe not in this case. [via Brooklyn Vegan]