Photo of Birdie, by Sam Horine

Humans and cats have long ruled the runway, but over the past few years canines have also made the catwalk their own, as unnatural as that may be. Tomorrow night the trend continues as Bergdorf Goodman hosts its annual dog fashion show, and while we're ardent followers of the canine fashion scene—this is actually the second dog fashion show we'll be attending this year—we're no experts. So with that in mind, we reached out to Birdie, a dog in Brooklyn, for some insight.

What would you like to see more of on the runway this year for dogs?

I say this every season, but clothes are OUT. No one wants to wear clothes anymore. Run free. Literally. Run away very fast.

What new trends do you predict in canine fashion? I think leashes are going to get more constricting and hateful. I think you're going to see a lot of dogs wearing sunglasses, because that's evergreen.

More fashion forward: cats or dogs? Let me answer your question with a question: is having something taking shits INSIDE YOUR HOUSE on a DAILY basis "fashion forward"?

Of course, you'll have to take this dog's fashion advice with a grain of salt, because that leash she's wearing totally makes her tail look big.