Tonight marks the five year anniversary of Ted Leo and the Seaport Music Festival (they really are such a cute couple). The relationship is quite literally a stormy one, however. Legend has it if you hold your ear up to a seashell on the day of a Ted Leo performance at the Seaport, you will hear the sound of the SMF's Stephen Dima weeping. Nearly every year something crazy happens on this night, and tonight is no exception.


Here's a brief recap of the past five years:

2002 - Ted's first performance at the Seaport Music Festival. He plays solo, opening for Radio 4.

2003 - The Blackout. The frappuccino van was brought up to the stage so they could run off their generators. One song appears in the "Dirty Old Town" DVD as an extra.

2004 - Rain. News-worthy, "Biblical", torrential...rain. Again, one song appears on the DVD as an extra.

2005 - The sun shines down on Ted Leo and 6,000 fans. Finally.

2006 - Tonight, the fifth year, there is a TORNADO WATCH.

We'll be there, rain, shine or funnel clouds.

Photo via RollerBoogie