It seems like Fairvue put in for a little more bandwidth, as the 2005 Bloggies site is up! Gothamist would like to thank you for nominating us for: Best Non-Weblog Content of a Weblog Site AND Weblog of the Year. Woo-hoo! We admit that we were still trying to understand the "Non-Weblog Content" part (Many sites contain more that just a weblog. This is for those pages with something extra - is that extra water weight? extra Jerry Orbach?), we know it's because other areas, like the fabulous Interview, food recipes, the forum, events and contests, etc., that our editors and contributors, not to mention our technology team, put so much effort into. We are in very esteemed company with other great nominees, so a very sincere thank you for nominating us. And now that the polls are open - go vote!

Also, congratulations to Londonist, which was nominated as Best British Or Irish Weblog.