The sixth annual Bike Kill (aka Bike Kill 666) took place in Brooklyn yesterday, with bicycle clubs--or gangs, if you will--getting together for various events, including tall bike jousting and six-pack drinking contests. Jim Kiernan was on the scene, and noted the apocalyptic names of the clubs, like Black Label Bike Club, Cutthroats Bike Club, Skidmarxxx, Rogue Bike Club, Rat Patrol: "Lots of facial/head/neck & hand tattoos, fistfights, LOTS of public drinking and a fair amount of fireworks and illicit chemicals thrown in for good measure."

Bed-Stuy Banana assessed, "Despite the gale force winds and misty rains, there was the usual large turn out of freaks, geeks, kids, punks, drunks, and bicycle fanatics. The wide selection of wheel chairs were mostly unused, which means either people hadn't drank enough beer or they'd been incredibly lucky."

Just a few of Jim's photos are above--see more in his Flickr set. And last year, the NY Times covered the event ("a carnivalesque assortment of voodoo top hats, orange jumpsuits, bunny ears, Mexican wrestling masks and a Pee-wee Herman doppelgänger waving from his Schwinn cruiser.").