2004_12_artspixies.jpgThis week NYC embraces the loud and the strange, in the form of influential post punk band the Pixies. Tonight Gothamist is heading over to Hammerstein for the show. One of the bands many this week, and the only one we're attending.

The first time we heard this band was on a mix tape made for us by a friend to listen to while at the gym. Where Is My Mind? became an internal soundtrack for both on and off the treadmill (um, mostly off). It served as a big giant window that opened up to a whole new world of music. If this mix tape had never been made we have no doubt that the Pixies would have found their way inside our head sometime down the road, but we all have to have our stories about the first time we heard them. And why we're spending $50 to see them now, years and years later.

Ben Brown has the best Pixies story we've ever read. What's your story? Let us know.

Don't have tickets for the shows? You can catch them on this 2 1/2 hour dvd, circa 1988 [released this year], or try Craigslist.

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