Many people are abuzz about New York band A Brief Smile's recent interview on 92.3's morning show. The band went on the "JV and Elvis Show" to do an interview and have their song played. Instead they got called "gay" in every way possible, over and over again, and eventually the "pansy" bassist got kicked out of the on-air room. From the band's MySpace blog:

"also, we were on 92.3 on the "jv and elvis show" on tuesday. they said they enjoyed the music but chose to shout anti-gay slurs at us as way to make themselves feel better about the reality that nobody with half of a brain listens to regular radio anymore...or something...we didn't quite get it."

From the radio show's blog:

"Four members out of the five piece showed up today. Three of them were cool, one was a complete waste. He started off the interview saying he USED to listen to Krock (when the station was "good") and that he has never heard the Dog House program which is on "what once a week?". He also says he only listens to WFMU when he turns on the radio. And that's when his ass was kicked out of the studio.

After JV continued his bashing of the pansy bass player, said pansy bass player returned to the studio (un-invited this time) to lambast JV for using the word "Faggy". He says he takes offense to that word, being a boy of mixed sexual tastes (that means he's half a fenook like Rudy), and more or less asked for an apology.

JV was having none of that ish! He explained that by "faggy" he means "dorky" and that his comments had nothing to do with the pansy bass players sexual preferences. Then he kicked him out again."

Oh, so if by "faggy" he meant "dorky", what did he mean by "faggot", "homo", "gay" and "a guy who takes it up the..."?

The Underrated Blog puts it best, stating: "I don't know when it became okay, or frankly in fashion, to use the word "faggot." But the more I hear people using it so loosely, the more disgusted with our culture I have become. The djs can say they used the word in a different connotation, but that does not make it okay. Regardless of John's sexual orientation, you cannot and do not use that word under any circumstance. The fact that these are young kids who were on the radio for the first time just makes it worse. These idiots (and I mean that sincerely) bullied and preyed for entertainment sake, and I find it morally, ethically, and socially unacceptable. What kind of country do we live in where people of this manner are paid to be heard? And the fact that people enjoy listening to this kind of talk is even worse."

Underrated also has an mp3 of the incident. Upon listening to it, between the abrasive tone and the unrelenting homophobia, it's not hard to realize why people don't listen to traditional radio anymore. One of the last few stations worth listening to, WFMU, weighs in on the incident as well.