Yesterday an amazing mash-up spoke so perfectly to both my real teen years and to my current inner teenager. I listened. I wept. And then I went on a journey to find more NIN mashups, because if someone asked me my favorite genre of music right now, it would be "Nine Inch Nails mashups." Below you can listen to the gems, along with the worst one in existence (and this is amongst many worst.) If you decide to seek out more on your own, be warned: you will want to click on so many of them—the Fiona Apple one, the Tears for Fears one, the Phil Collins one, the Kanye one, this Queen one—they just aren't as good as you want them to be. It's a hard truth, but not every song blends well with "Closer," mash-up artists.

The amazing creation that started going around late yesterday: Carly Rae Jepsen + Nine Inch Nails = Call Me A Hole

Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Nine Inch Nails

Beatles + NIN = Come Closer Together

Here's a soothing one—Pretty Lights vs Radiohead vs Nirvana vs NIN:

Nine Inch Nails + Nine Inch Nails because sometimes one song isn't enough

Nine Inch Nails + Justin Timberlake - God's Giving Sexy Back

Nine Inch Nails + Kool and the Gang

Honorable Mention goes to Michael Jackson + Trent Reznor = Bad Like A Hole (this one isn't GREAT, but the image is amazing)

A lot of terrible things were seen and heard on our journey to discover more NIN mashups, but this was by far the most horrifying, and not even because of the inclusion of a suicide-by-subway attempt. Some tips: at about the 18-second mark you'll think you get it, but you need to push through because it gets SO MUCH WORSE. At about 35 seconds, you'll open up Google to find out if this is a comedy duo. They are not.