In the past few weeks much of the press regarding the new Broadway play Grace has focused on that audience member who vomited over the balcony and onto audience members and how star Paul Rudd felt about the barf ("not my worst review."). Which is a shame, as the Craig Wright show has quite a few other things worth noting—including the return to the boards of 83-year-old Ed Asner after a 23 year absence.

So why is Asner, who was backstage during the infamous upchuck, back on the Great White Way now? "It was a very good role and a very good place," the octogenarian told us of his role as an atheist exterminator in Florida. "I wished it had been larger but people seem satisfied." We certainly were—but when we told Asner we thought he'd stolen the show, at least in terms of laughs, he quickly shot us down. "You can't judge a success by the laugh lines!" (the man with the most laughs would say that).

Of course Asner doesn't only get the biggest laughs in the show—a feat since he's performing with heavyweights like Rudd, Kate Arrington and the always impressive Michael Shannon—he also gets to avoid some of the more irritating schticks author Craig Wright and director Dexter Bullard put his co-stars though in the interesting, but dark, comedy. Schticks like "going backwards" (remember The Rules Of Attraction? Like that) and being spun around on the show's double-turntable. Though Asner swears to us that in fact he does do some spinning on stage: "You didn't know this about me," he quipped, "but the world seems to stop when I'm onstage."

The thing is, he really isn't wrong about that. Each time Asner walks on stage the entire audience at the Court Theater appears to lean in to to hear what the former Lou Grant, and 9/11 truther and self-described "lucky bastard," has to say. And not just because he was on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

And Asner seems to be loving it. "It's exciting and I'm intrigued," to be back on the stage he told us, before starting to cough for a minute or so (he was fighting a cold). "I work up a sweat. And fortunately I don't get into a coughing jag on stage!"