Oh, Paul Giamatti... Hollywood may like good acting, but Oscars loves pretty faces better. Gothamist thought that when you didn't get nominated for your role as Pig Vomit in Private Parts, it was because of the whole movie-about-Howard-Stern thing. When you didn't get nominated for American Splendor, we guessed "Maybe Oscar voters don't get indie cartoons." But, now, as your peers in the Actors' Branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences have opted not to nominate you for your performance in Sideways, even after you've put in your dues being dyed blue in Big Fat Liar, not to mention working with Maaahh-tin AND Todd Solondz, Gothamist begs you not to consider plastic surgery. Not that you had a chance, since it's the year of Jamie.

And The Aviator crew: What is it they say about the sum of the parts? You bore us with your "prestige picture with ensemble cast" glow. All the nominations bore us. Sure, there are interesting bits (the strong showing for Hotel Rwanda and Vera Drake; a screenplay nomination for Brad Bird and the Incredibles, Michel Gondry and Charlie Kaufman for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the Before Sunset team, though who knew that Ethan Hawke would ever get two, let alone one, nominations; nominations for Born Into Brothels and Super Size Me in the documentary category), but overall, meh. Where's Peter Sarsgaard for Kinsey?

Here are the Oscar nominations. Gothamist will be watching on February 27, but we'll be on a caffeine IV. Oh, and Adrien Brody: Your little stunt was cute, but if you're still doing that when you 70, we'll be shaking our heads. Plus, more thoughts from out of focus and greencine, not mention Gawker's liveblogging of the E! telecast (poor souls...watching Giuliani/a so early in the morning).