There's a very cool article in the NY Times about the "kinetic, interactive stainless-steel wall" being designed for 7 World Trade Center. Because the base of 7 WTC is a Con Ed substation, architect David Childs is sheathing it in glass, and has worked with James Carpenter Design Associates to design a sort of sculptural installation: There are panels of prisms that will cause pedestrian's reflections to move along the wall. Gothamist loves the idea of capturing the movement of people walking during their day; one of our favorite things is seeing people cross the walkways in the windows of Grand Central. Plus, inside the lobby will be a "floor-to-ceiling, 14-by-70-foot wall of acid-etched translucent glass illuminated by whitish light-emitting diodes, created by Mr. Carpenter and the artist Jenny Holzer." Who knows when Freedom Tower will be built (yes, Daniel Libeskind, we read your Op-Ed last week) but there will be 7 WTC, which has gone really fast...and it's really tall.

Wired New York on 7 World Trade Center.