For the past few months, the Queens Museum of Art has been exhibiting Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao's photographs of Queens life around the 7 train in the show, Habitat 7.

Like river valleys that flowed through and gave birth to early civilizations, the IRT 7 Train of the New York City Subway system serves as the conduit that connects many ethnically diverse neighborhoods in northwest Queens to the heart of Manhattan. While I’ve been living along the “International Express” for years, I am still constantly awed by the complexity of the communities formed alongside it as well as the harmonious co-existence of so many people of distinct ethnic back grounds are able to live in. I’ve come to see the 7 Train as a habitat of these immigrant settlers who pursue the typical
“American dream” while upholding their ethnic traditions.

You may also remember that he won a NY Times Magazine contest last year (here's the slideshow of his photographs) for his 7 line photos. What's cool is that QMA and Liao have been holding a contest for 7 line photos, with three winners getting $50 gift certificate to B&H and QMA memberships. The contest ends on July 27 - see the website for contest details.

And the 7 line's extension might begin by the end of the year (with a completion date sometime in 2012) - if plans are approved.

Photograph by Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao