50 SheklWell, since 50 Cent songs are so hot, some kid named 50 Shekl is trying to win favor as a song parody punchline. He sings In da Shul and gives a guide to Jewish lingo. Recently, 50 Shekl has been looking for a Jewish American Princess to be his rapping sidekick, but Gothamist suspects it's actually just a ploy to get him a date: She will be a Jewish cross between Lil' Kim and Jennifer Lopez but not as explicit as those two artists...we just need to find the right girl with the right voice, attitude, style and passion to become Lil' Spender. We are searching for an "unattached" Jewish female between the ages of 21 and 25, height 5'0" to 5'5", trim and toned, long hair, with attractive and exotic features. She should have a great singing voice, know how to dance and bust a rap rhyme with style, be reliable, friendly, time flexible and have the desire to go along with this project to the max. To the max, girls, to the max!

Yesterday, the Times profiled Jin, a Chinese-American rapper. Gothamist checked out his site, holla front, and he's not bad.