The Fifty Shade of Grey trilogy is the publishing phenomenon of the year. First, it was the mommies who were delighting in the tale of a naive college student who gets into a BDSM relationship with a handsome, young, rich billionaire. Then everyone else, including men and an actual billionaire mayor, started reading it everywhere. Now, it seems like Sports Illustrated swimsuit models are also reading it... and they are bereft about finishing it. Bar Refaeli, also known as Leonardo DiCaprio's ex-girlfriend, Tweeted, "on my last 100 pages of "50 shades freed" a sad day. a very sad day. i do not want it to finish :(" This is what sad face emoticons were made for!

Well, if Bar wants some tips, the publishers of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty erotica trilogy (it's exponentially better written—and exponentially more hard core) think that fans of the Fifty books will love Rice's look at fantasy BDSM.