2006_09_50cent.jpgHe might be a gangsta, but an incident with the police made him seem a little more wanksta. Rap star 50 Cent was issued summons for driving his hot $500,000 Lamborghini convertible without a license, insurance, or license plates. Police say he made an "unsafe lane change" and had been weaving in and out of traffic. Of course, the driving infractions got more attention when he was pulled over near 32th Street and 8th Avenue yesterday afternoon, where fans could see him and take camera phone pictures of him. 50 Cent said, "What up, people," to the emerging crowd, who cheered him - and then booed the police, who put handcuff on 50 and took him to a stationhouse. The crowd yelled that the cops were "arresting another black man just for being black," according to a witness the Post spoke to, but the police claimed they had to get him away from the crowd and that the handcuffs were standard procedure. Maybe they were worried he would hurt them with one of his huge checks!

It turns out the car was brand new, and when a member of 50 Cent's entourage brought over registration information, it was all okay. But the Post says that 50 got annoyed with another spectator at last night's Baby Phat Fashion Week show and even held a folded folding chair over his head! 50 Cent is having the Best Week Ever!