Remember that little girl who got dressed up like a prostitute by her mother for a beauty pageant? This is what happens when you put a show like "Toddlers & Tiaras" on the television box, America. Anyway, the 3-year-old got a verbal smackdown from 5-year-old pageant queen Isabella Barrett recently. TMZ reports:

5-year-old Barrett was leaving a spray tanning sesh in NYC when she went off on 3-year-old Paisley Dickey for allegedly copying her spray tan ways. Barrett told TMZ ... "Last time I was here, Paisley was trying to copy me... but MY mom doesn't dress me up as a hooker."

Her answer, as you can see in their video below, was clearly fed to her by her mother, who is off-camera, and the website asks, "What mother in her right mind would teach her 5-year-old daughter to say another little girl dresses like a sex worker?" Good question! Here's another: what kind of people stalk 5-year-old girls in salons with video cameras?

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