Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, smack dab in the middle of the week, which means that starting next Friday there will be multiple opportunities to show off your DIY "Breadline Big Bird" costume. Stock up on Blowfish and rubbers, it's gonna be a long week. Not sure what to do yet? Here are some fine options from our Exclusive Halloween Party Planning Committee:

HallowMEME Costume Party: Always dreamed of dressing up as Sad Keanu or Nyan Cat but never had a legitimate excuse to? Finally, the opportunity to tout your unabashed geekdom has arrived. On Thursday the 25th at The Bell House, join herds of fellow Internet fiends at the 4th Annual HallowMEME Costume Party, where advice animals and rage comics alike will unite for a wicked celebration IRL. Be mindful of /b/tards and troll at your own risk. 149 7th Street, Brooklyn // 8:30 p.m. // FREE

Zombie Cash: If you're of the mindset that the zombie trend has not been done to death yet, take this opportunity to couple your appreciation for classic country music with insatiable hunger for human flesh. On Saturday October 27th at 9 p.m., Brooklyn's Jalopy Theater and School of Music will host a live tribute to "Zombie Cash"—Johnny Cash's undead counterpart. They're going to be busting out all the hits, including classics such as "I Walk the Line (I'll Eat Your Brain)" and "Cry, Cry, Cry (Die, Die, Die)." 315 Columbia Street, Brooklyn // $10

Schtick or Treat: In the spirit of bands like Phish performing another band's album as a Halloween "Musical Costume," a big group of local comedians will be paying tribute to great comics of the past at Littlefield on October 29th. Each comic has three minutes to recreate jokes from one their favorite comedians; expect performances ranging from "Richard Pryor" to "Mitch Hedberg" and "Sarah Silverman." 622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn // $10

Rocky Horror Picture Show: This is a classic Halloween tradition that everyone should experience at least once. The Waverly Theatre (where it screened for years in NYC) is no more, so join the resident cast of Chelsea Clearview Cinema's Rocky Horror Picture Show for six 9 p.m. and midnight screenings/performances of the endearingly daffy cult flick. Come in Rocky garb, and prepare to give yourself over to absolute pleasure. October 26th, 27th, and 31st // 23rd Street and 8th Avenue // $10

Cadavert, Broadway’s Halloween Cabaret: 54 Below, the new performance venue located under Studio 54, is throwing a cabaret party hosted by Lance Roberts (he was The King of Cartoons in The Pee Wee Herman on Broadway). “Cadavaret” features some of Broadway's finest performers singing some devilish ditties from musicals with a “darker” theme, including Sweeney Todd, Little Shop of Horrors, Wicked, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Damn Yankees, Phantom of the Opera and more. Expect lots of special guests from the Broadway shows, and lots of terrifying DRAMA. 254 West 54th Street // 10 p.m.

Of course, the 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade will take over the streets on October 31st. (Get there early if you want to join in the march.) And here is our guide to this year's haunted houses. Also keep in mind that, in our experience, Halloween is a perfect night to crash house parties. So keep your ears tuned to the sounds of revelry spilling out of apartments above and follow your nose. Who's going to tell the guy in the Thong Guy costume he has to leave?