So you've made it to day two of our post-Thanksgiving world after a solid 24-hours spent becoming one with your couch. Dwindling daylight hours, a stuffed Netflix queue and a fridge full of leftovers may convince you that the rest of your life will consist of marveling at Chris Pine's accent in The Princess Diaries 2 and nibbling on stale pie crust. Have you even tried to get vertical today? But there IS hope, despite certain predictions that Thanksgiving dinner will live inside you for the next month, transforming you from a living, breathing, functioning human to a napping pile of food garbage. Here are five ways to free yourself from this fate and remind yourself how wonderful it is to move:

1. Learn All The Moves To A Beyonce Video

Last weekend, Illuminati Great Leader Beyonce Knowles-Carter released a trippy new music video for song "7/11," fraught with awesome booty-shaking and bespoke Bushwick jewelry. This video was a blessing, both for its artistry and timing—if you've already put up your own YouTube renditions of "Single Ladies" and "Countdown," now's your chance to simultaneously reclaim the Internet and remove your body from the sofa. If you haven't mastered those previous dances and/or do not own knee pads, don your finest Wolverine costume and put all the other Single Ladies to shame.

2. Perform Disney Karaoke

If you were lucky enough to get to your childhood home this weekend, today's a good day to dig through your old Disney VHS collection for a throwback solo song session. Sure, today's young bucks live and breathe for "Let It Go," but contemporary Disney composers can't hold a candle to the Alan Menken and Howard Ashman collaborations of your youth. Yes, you still know all the words to "Part Of Your World." No, you should not hesitate to record your rendition on your iPhone, so you can play it for your coworkers when you return to work on Monday.

3. Do A Juice Cleanse

Thanksgiving marks the first major holiday feast of the cold weather season, giving your body a chance to jumpstart on all that fat-storing and pants-stretching that will characterize the next four months. Winter makes you want to eat all the time, even when your body is screaming at you to stop putting pie into it. Fight this urge by eschewing food and drinking those fancy juices they sell at the bourgeois bodegas in gentrified neighborhoods. Sure, you'll only last a day on liquified kale, but you'll also experience real, painful, stinging hunger again. You're welcome, body.

4. Replace Your Regular Workout With That Taylor Swift/1989 Aerobics Mashup

There isn't a chance in hell you're donning pants today, let alone making it to your local gym. Instead of pretending to locate your running shoes, work out with the friendly, spandexed ladies in this 1989 aerobics video, which syncs up a little too perfectly with newly anointed Mayoress of New York Taylor Swift's hit song, "Shake It Off." You'll just keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop grooving along with these bendy ladies and gents while they show you the proper way to high-kick in white sneakers. Repeat viewings will burn about 400 calories and 900 brain cells.

Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Aerobic MisterBuzz

5. Go outside

Do you see that dark, cold abyss staring at you from the other side of the window pane? That, my friends, is Outside, and it is something to cherish, not fear. Put on shoes. Put on a coat. Open the door to your apartment and/or home. Stand outside. Breathe. This is air. Take a few steps. This is movement. Breathe again. That is a car horn. It is now safe to return home—your couch, and five DVRed Fast and the Furious films, are waiting for you.