Today a new website called GNTLMN launched, and unlike the Dollar Shave Club, ladies can enjoy it, too. Founders Wesley Verhoeve and Kyle MacDonald introduced the project with a letter stating, in part, "We believe that reviving the lost art of dressing, behaving and thinking like a gentleman benefits ourselves and the world around us." They'll be rolling out content, as well as limited edition products, and gorgeous videos (like the one above, that helped launch the site today). We asked Verhoeve and MacDonald, who live in Brooklyn, to give us some tips for the men of New York... because, sorry, some of you need them.

BAR ETIQUETTE: Always be polite to your bartenders and waiters. This includes properly tipping them. Properly tipping means 20%, not 10%. Protesting this doesn’t make you frugal, it makes you cheap. The recession affects everyone, so don’t give the staff a double hit. Not only does tipping well come back to you tenfold when waitresses recognize you as a regular, it’s also the decent thing to do even without the karmic consequences. Related: there is no bigger turn-off than having an attitude with waiting staff. Finally, staff will always have the last word (or loogie).

DATE NIGHT: Whether it’s a night of singer-songwriters at Rockwood Music Hall, a jazz gig at Iridium, or dancing to the indie sounds at Glasslands, make one of your first three dates with that interesting new lady or gent a live music night. Grab a bite or drink before to get some conversation in, and follow it up by enjoying each other’s company on the dance floor or quietly listening to beautiful lyrics together, and decipher their meaning afterwards with a nightcap.

READ: The answers to most questions lie within the written word; but be sure to read both sides of the story. Don’t only pick up and read the books that will impress people when they look at your bookshelf, but be sure to read about contrary opinions to truly find answers. Although it may take you out of your comfort zone, the only risks are either strengthening your current opinions or gaining a new perspective.

BE PREPARED: “Don’t get caught in the rain” isn’t only an ancient proverb. A gentleman needs to own a well-made umbrella. Whether it’s walking the streets of the city or to and from your car, bodega umbrellas don’t get the job done. Go the extra mile and purchase something well crafted - preferably an umbrella made from a solid piece of a hardwood, like chestnut. The less moving parts, especially metals, the less likely it will be to stand up to the elements. (Howard Yount carries a fine selection of styles.)

FASHION: Be mindful when shopping for clothes. Rather than honing in on the latest trends, focus on a handful of timeless pieces that combine well. Try eBay, flea markets and second hand stores for some extra character that won’t break the bank, and visit Uniqlo, J. Crew and Steven Alan for some nice staples to pair them up with. As a side note we’ll list the situations in which square-toed shoes are appropriate to wear: 1. Never.*

*The same goes for your kitten heels ladies!