TripleMint has successfully found apartments for thousands of roommates, and they’ve learned a lot about what it takes to achieve roommate harmony. Here are their top 5 tips.

1. Find the right apartment | Privacy is always important, especially if you’re living with a stranger you found online. Find an apartment with enough space and a smart layout to live comfortably. If your budget is tight, consider flex options.

2. Establish rules | Decide on refrigerator space, a cleaning calendar, and what’s shared so you can hold each other accountable. Agree to Venmo off the bat for joint purchases to avoid hard feelings down the line.

3. Plan with each other | Leave the hustle and bustle of New York City at the door. Coordinate schedules and quiet hours to give each of you some alone time.

4. Tolerate quirks | Remember that everyone has a different lifestyle. Take a breath when you notice a roommate’s quirk (e.g. late-night redecoration, grooming peculiarities, fridge organization complexes), because you surely have some too.

5. Set bill reminders | Everyone forgets deadlines now and then, but being timely with your bills is key to roommate accord. TripleMint recommends setting up monthly calendar notifications 3-5 days before a bill is due as a reminder to get those bills paid.

Achieving roommate harmony starts with finding the right home. Want a better real estate experience? Search for an apartment on TripleMint today.

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