To ease you in to the nostalgia overload of tomorrow night's Everclear/Lit/Marcy Playground/Sugar Ray/Gin Blossoms show, it's advised you dip your toes into the guilty pleasure well with a little bit of Counting Crows. They're playing at Williamsburg Park TONIGHT and there are still tickets on sale! Don't pretend like you aren't a little bit excited or that you never sang along to "Mr. Jones" when you were alone—we are alone together in this. It's best to just embrace our love of Duritz-penned, three-minute dramapop tunes.

Below, in no particular order, are some songs we wouldn't mind hearing tonight—we really tried not to pick only from the embarrassment of hits that saturated their 1993 eponymous debut album, August and Everything After.

"A Long December"

"Round Here"

"Big Yellow Taxi," featuring Vanessa Carlton (this was a hidden track on their 2002 release, Hard Candy)

"Rain King"

"Mr. Jones", obvs (the below video is from their performance at Woodstock '99)

Also on the lineup are We Are Augustines (7:20 p.m.), Field Report (6:40 p.m.), and Kasey Anderson & the Honkies (6 p.m.).