Original photo of the Beacon Theater by Hernan Hernandez

On October 21st, 1977 (two years after Rocky Horror Picture Show hit the big screen), Meat Loaf's album Bat Out of Hell was released. In the decades following he became a household name. In 1991, he became this writer's high school softball coach, a time during which he was affectionately called Coach Meat. Then there was Bat Out Of Hell II, his role in Fight Club, etc etc... and now he's back on the road again, and stopping at Beacon Theater on November 1st.

Meat Loaf—and we're not just saying this because he used to give us rides home from practice—is one of the best, highest energy performers we've ever seen grace a stage, so we highly recommend getting your tickets, which are on sale today. Need more convincing? Here are five good reasons to check out his epic stage show:

1. Who doesn't want to hear "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" live?:

2. Maybe you'll find out what "that' is?

3. Eddie was the best character in Rocky Horror Picture Show:

4. The new stuff isn't bad! From his 2010 album, Hang Cool Teddy Bear (taken from kitsch classic Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls):

5. He would totally run laps with us: