Ed Sheeran is trying to ruin my favorite TV programs; The Chainsmokers are trying to ruin music for anyone with ears; Rex Tillerson is trying to start a war with North Korea; a drunk bro tried to impotently hump the 'Fearless Girl' statue; and Donald Trump is still claiming (without any evidence) that everyone is wiretapping him, even if it sparks an international incident. The worst people in the world can't stop doing terrible things—but thankfully, good people keep doing good things as well. Once again, it's Friday, and we invite you to take a break from the distressing state of the world and check out five objectively good things that happened this week.

  • Nothing warmed the empty cavernous space where my heart should be like Patrick Stewart and his adventures with his new foster dog, Ginger. LOOK AT HOW MUCH SHE LOVES HIM!!! Please adopt her, Jean-Luc!
  • And finally, while the epic blizzard may have been a bust in NYC, at least one dog was out there enjoying the snow life to the max.