Photograph from the Bike New York/5 Boro Bike tour

5borobike_2.jpgThe 5 Boro Bike Tour is this Sunday, the one day of the year where 30,000 cyclists will have total right of way throughout New York City. The tour begins in Battery Park and ends in Staten Island after winding 42 miles throughout New York. In addition to the approximately 30,000 riders, The 5 Boro Bike Tour happens with the help of about 1,500 volunteers. Video and photos of last year's event can be seen at Bike NY's site here.

There will be major street closings to accommodate the tour, so driving in the city is probably not the best idea Sunday. There is a schedule, however, so plan accordingly. There's a photo contest associated with the tour, although organizers request that picture takers pull over before snapping their pics. Past winning entries are viewable here.

And while Sunday is devoted to bikes, it would be negligent to not mention Saturday's Great Saunter. Organized by Shorewalkers--a group whose purpose is to highlight the waterfronts of NYC--the Great Saunter is a 32-mile walk around the perimeter of Manhattan Island. Ambitious New Yorkers will no doubt be participating in both events.