If that crazy satellite video of Hurricane Sandy wasn't enough timelapse storm video for you, we've got a whole lot more. Here are highly condensed views of the storm's arrival as seen from Midtown Manhattan, Greenpoint, Brooklyn Heights and more. So sit back, stop worrying about Bloomberg banning cars, how your apartment still has no power, and you'll never get another subway. It is time for some timelapse destructoporn:

First, let's start with this awesome timelapse that SMvideoChan took from the top of the North Side Piers Towers. The video starts the night before things got nuts, just to make the moment the power goes out (at 1:01) all the more shocking:

Here is the timelapse that uses the Times webcam footage from the 51st floor of their office tower. The video starts at noon on Monday and goes till 9:14 Tuesday and certainly gives you a sense of the storm (in case you forgot?). Look at the wind shake that camera around!

And here is a timelapse from Monday night taken from Greenpoint. See how Manhattan goes black at the :08 mark?

Wait, you want a timelapse of JUST lower Manhattan losing its power? Fine, here you go!

And if you prefer your timelapses a little more mundane, well, here is one of the front of the Yotel Hotel on 42nd Street: