Lovely summery weather and the promise of scores of kites flying overhead brought a large, happy crowd to Brooklyn Bridge Park yesterday for what has become an annual tradition on the sloping lawns and broad promenade of Pier 1.

Most people brought their own kites to fly at the festival, but the Parks Department also had some small but effective models on sale for $10. As you can imagine, the size, design, and level of elaborateness varied considerably among the kites in the sky, as well as those that never really made it off the ground.

Scott Lynch / Gothamist

One handmade kite, constructed from cardboard, garbage bags, and strips of an old sheet for its tail, turned out to be the star of the afternoon. It rocketed straight up into the air with only the most minimal of tugs from its pilot, whistling dramatically as it left its young launcher's hand, and provoking spontaneous cries of "ooooh shit!" from passersby.

The occasional toddler meltdown and egregious mansplaining incident aside, good vibes and communal feelings dominated the day, proving that flying a kite makes for an excellent group activity.