A NYC street artist spent Inauguration Day putting up DIY signs around town in homage to America's 46th president, Joe Biden.

Adrian Wilson, who has installed similar temporary tributes in the past — most recently to Ruth Bader Ginsburg following her death — was behind the altered subway mosaic at 46th Street. It now reads: "46th Joe" (with "45th out" underneath).

Wilson told Gothamist he put up two other pieces outside of the subway system: a Trumpout St on a Thompson Street sign, and a "No More" tag directed at Trump, on the Bowery.

"I have done so many anti-Trump pieces in the last 5 years, I had to do some final ones. He lost, democracy won. Gave him a goodbye from the city he is abandoning."

Wilson assured us all of the work (aside from the tag) was done with stickers so there is no permanent damage, but he's not worried about any potential consequences. "If Trump can pardon Bannon's crimes, Biden can pardon mine!"