Oh, how we love Inside Edition's I-Squad and their muckraking reportage. And the segment they've cooked up for this Friday night's episode cuts us right to the quick, because it's about our other true love: the magical three dimensional picture shows!

According to an Inside Edition press release, their "undercover investigators" have found "potentially harmful bacteria" on some of the 3D glasses handed out at movie theaters—even the glasses that appear brand new, wrapped in plastic. Dr. Kelly Reynolds, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, tells the I-Squad "she was surprised by some of the potentially dangerous organisms, such as fecal matter, found crawling on the 3D glasses, including bacteria commonly found in feces."

Reynolds looked at the results of tests run on 3D glasses at unidentified movie theaters in New York City and New Jersey, and says, "It looks like 3D glasses are a hot spot for germs. The major way viruses are spread is through your eyes. So certainly when you’re putting these glasses near your eyes you want to make sure nothing is on them." Whatever; a choice between E. coli andTron Legacy (or two more Avatar movies!) ain't no choice at all.