"Hi, I'm Jessi, and my favorite color is Rainbow."

Did you know you can fund your next birthday party on Kickstarter? One 33-year-old lass has already reached her goal of $1,500 for her party, and doesn't it sound just adorable?:

Hi, I'm Jessi, and my favorite color is Rainbow. Last year on my birthday, I had a parade to celebrate my love of rainbows, and it was one of the most amazing feelings of my life. Since then, I've been trying to recreate that feeling for others by hosting parades around the country. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, and I was thinking… We should have the BIGGEST, MOST COLORFUL PARADE YET!

Somewhere Zooey Deschanel is wondering why she didn't think of this. Anyway, if you want to contribute to this important cause, the cash will be going to "Parade essentials, like hiring an incredible 20-piece marching band, balloons, streamers, bubbles, etc." We would but unfortunately we already donated all of our expendable income to the Grilled Cheesus.

Sorry for being jaded but our Kickstarter aimed at allowing us to sit alone on a barstool in a dive bar and just be left alone with our whiskey never got funded. [via Brokelyn]