Which one would you get?

There are two Tattoo parlors in Brooklyn offering up Halloween specials this year, because there's nothing like a bargain to help you in deciding what to permanently ink onto your skin. First up, Brokelyn notes that Sara Antoinette, an apprentice at Brooklyn Tattoo on Smith Street, is offering the $31 special today, Thursday, Saturday, and Monday. You have to pick one of these Halloween-themed designs—so if you ever wanted a piece of candy corn on your body forever, now is the time to pull the trigger!

On Monday, Three Kings Tattoo in Williamsburg will bring back their annual $31 sale from noon to 10 p.m., giving you a choice of seasonal images to choose from... but they won't be revealed until the day of. Here are last year's selections, which included Darth Vadar, and some other dark creatures. We're gonna hold out for Thanksgiving for that pilgrim holding a cornucopia tattoo we've been wanting.