Yesterday was the first day of Governors Ball and thanks to the drenching rains from Tropical Storm Andrea, it was a big muddy mess.

The slippery conditions were well documented across every social networking platform, and the organizers waited until 9 p.m. to cancel the rest of the concert, finally pulling the plug and announcing: "Due to sustained high winds and unsafe stage conditions, Kings of Leon and Pretty Lights are unable to perform. Please get home safely."

By that time, there were added issues with getting home, especially for the people who drove to the concert:

Even ferry riders didn't have it easy either:

And while weather looks good today, organizers warned this morning that the grounds are still muddy and attendees should wear boots:

The NY Times noted:

Perhaps the promoters should have heeded the unanimous weather forecasts that New York City would receive the remnants of Tropical Storm Andrea, with heavy rains and flash-flood warnings. They might have considered rescheduling some version of Friday’s lineup for Monday, though touring schedules, of course, are knotty at this time of year. As it was, Friday’s big headliners — the Southern rockers Kings of Leon and the electronic dance music act Pretty Lights — had to cancel their closing sets “due to high winds and unsafe stage conditions,” a statement from the festival said. Neither headliner has a tour date booked on Monday.

...there was emotionally exposed neo-girl-group rock from Best Coast, whose leader, Bethany Cosentino, admitted that she wouldn’t have been out in her own soaked audience. Feist and her band took the stage as winds whipped up again, hurling the primal beat of “A Commotion” into the storm for a crowd she praised as “crazy people.” Before the song ended, the storm blew back a deluge onto the stage, knocking out the keyboards and ending Feist’s set.

But those Kings of Leon fans are PISSED... and hopeful: "Are kings of Leon performing today since they didn't yesterday @GovBallNYC? I think we deserve a performance after standing in rain for hrs!"