Coming to an off Broadway stage near you this March: Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison in "27 Heaven". About, you guessed it, the most prominent members of The 27 Club. No word yet on where the show will run, the press release states that it's "the featured act at this year’s prestigious National Arts Club annual benefit on March 16 in New York...27 Heaven begins an extended run in New York’s off Broadway District in March 2007". The National Arts Club’s board members include Martin Scorcese, Uma Thurman and Robert Redford.

The play was written by New York Times "best selling author/award winning writer" Ian Halperin and author Todd Shapiro, and directed by Adam Roebuck (of Wedding Singer and Vagina Monologues). As long as Twyla Tharp isn't doing any choreography, we're cool with it. Here's a "commercial":

Stereogum points us to SNL's Behind the Music: Rock n' Roll Heaven script.