There's no end to the unique real estate deals in this town—apartment-hunting in NYC could net you a kitchen shower, bunk bed, or a micro-apartment the size of a hamster cage, to name a few. And now, here's a new singular offering on the market—a $2,500/month studio in Fort Greene taken up entirely by... a couch. But it's a cool couch! With a view!

According to a listing on StreetEasy, this baby's an "adorable luxury studio" at 1 Hanson Place that comes fully furnished with dining table and chairs, brand new appliances, and what basically amounts to a $10,000 Murphy bed. As you can see, the latter appears to take up pretty much the entire apartment:

via StreetEasy

This does, indeed, seem a bit claustrophobic, though it's not the most horrific small space we've ever seen, and whoever moves in here will probably be a lot happier than that dude who lives in a Williamsburg crawlspace. Still, it's unsettling that one can spend $2,500/month on a couch, not that anything surprises us anymore.