A New York City store was set to bring some of Madonna's most intimate items to the auction block this week, but the singer stopped them with a temporary injunction from the New York Supreme Court.

According to the NY Times, twenty-two items were taken off the auction block for now, among them were things that Madonna called "extremely private and personally sensitive." The lot included "personally worn" underwear, a checkbook, unreleased songs, a used hairbrush (which Madonna says contains her DNA), and a very personal letter from her former boyfriend Tupac Shakur (where he explains why he broke up with her). Some of these items Madonna believed to still be in her possession, including an unsent letter where she calls Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone "horribly mediocre."

Jean-Paul Gaultier Hand Drawn Iconic Costume Designs for Madonna's "Blond Ambition Tour." (via Gotta Have Rock And Roll)

The items were provided by Darlene Lutz, who Madonna confirmed "had regular access to her homes and even helped her pack for a move," but the singer claims that she never gave Lutz any of these items. Lutz has now filed documents "saying she and Madonna settled a very bitter dispute back in 2004... and part of the deal was that Darlene gave Madonna cash and in return [she] agreed never to go after Darlene for anything," TMZ reports.

The "Gotta Have Rock and Roll" online auction is still going on (through July 28th), and still features some of Madonna's items, as well as memorabilia from other stars, like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, and Katy Perry.