A new attraction is coming to the High Line! Soon you'll be able to stand on the free elevated parkland and gaze into the future, like you're on some Epcot Center ride. Look inside and see a life you could be living if you had just decided to major in Engineering instead of English Lit. It's an immersive experience with a Sliding Doors meets Ghost of Decisions Past theme.


If you have walked the High Line lately you've likely seen this Jetsons-esque building taking shape in the 20s. It's Zaha Hadid's luxury baby, rising at 520 West 28th Street and opening up to residents in 2017. But we like to think of it as public art, not a new condo for some generic rich guy with fifteen Noguchi coffee tables.

Inside this attraction you'll find amenities that may seem real, but they're just commentary on conspicuous consumption. They include:

  • The first private IMAX in NYC
  • 99 Bottle Full-Height Gaggenau Wine Cooler
  • 34-foot stone feature wall in the lobby
  • 75-foot skylit saline-system pool
  • Private & reservable spa
  • Automated robotic parking & storage
  • Motorized floor-to-ceiling windows
  • 10’ long terrace doors

We are also told there will be "a huge sculpture garden that is unlike any other." Art inside of art, that's deep.