If nothing else, this weekend's 19th annual No Pants Subway Ride was certainly the warmest in the prank-turned-spectacle's history, with the temperature right at 65 degrees as everyone trundled into their assigned subway lines near Foley Square. It was also, somewhat unexpectedly, the least heavily attended No Pants in many years. Prank fatigue, maybe, or people wanting to do other things on a balmy winter day than ride the train.

No matter! The No Pants Subway Ride, organized as ever by Charlie Todd and his Improv Everywhere collective, still provided a good time for everyone who stripped down to their underwear in public. Basically, the joke is, people are riding the train in what is typically a freezing January day with no pants. You would think after all these years that literally everyone would know about this, but for the most part non-participants appeared genuinely amused for a second, and then went back to staring at their phones.

If you're among those not in the know: the directive is to wear regular clothes, and regular underwear (though many people can't help themselves and show up in funny costumes and or a thematic outfit of some sort) and act normal. But no matter your approach, once everyone arrives in Union Square all pretense is dropped and the pantsless party begins.