2009 Idiotarod is Set for Take Off!

Photo by Steph Goralnick.

The annual Idiotarod is just around the corner, taking place on January 31st, and registration is now open (a spot costs $25). Free Williamsburg (whose scribe was part of a team called Kraftwerking for the Weekend last year) points to the good and the bad about the event, saying: "the Idiotarod is kind of fun because you get to act like an idiot but also kind of lame because people make a giant mess in other people's neighborhoods and don't clean it up." Clean up your acts this year, kids!

Meanwhile, in other Idiotarod news (if you can believe it), the "Best in Show" cart last year (pictured) is now for sale on eBay. The sellers, part of Team Danger Zone, describe the F-14 Tomcart as "a supersonic twin-engine, no-seater, variable-swept-wing aircraft...designed as a long range vehicle but is equipped to deploy short range Kenny Loggins assaults capable of defeating even the most hostile of crowds." There's only 20 hours left for bidding, with the cart up to $305—and while it's a pretty sweet ride, we suggest you get creative and make your own.

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