200712kroll.jpgWe checked in with some folks recently for a little end of '07 "exit interview" before we enter a new year. Next up is Nick Kroll, actor, caveman and one of our favorite comedians of '07...and probably '08.

What did you do last New Years Eve? What will you do this year?
Last year i listened to a cab driver complain about how a girl pee'd in his cab. I don't know why i would do anything different this year.

Any resolutions going into 2008?
The same resolution I have every year; to stay hydrated.

Best meal you had in the city this year.
Momofoku Saam bar. If I had to choose between their pork buns and ejaculating I would choose the pork buns because they can bring me to orgasm.

Best concert you saw in the city this year.
The Dave Hill explosion at the UCB Theater with special guests Dick Cavett and Rufus Wainwright. Rufus wainwright told an amazing story about Walter Matthau's trip to Auschwitz.

Most interesting New Yorker you met this year.
The most interesting New Yorker i met this year was on the subway: Dr Jeffrey Sizmore.

Most memorable "only in New York" story of 2007.
When i jumped from the Empire State Building to the Brooklyn Bridge and, in mid-air, i ran into mayor Bloomberg as he was eating a Katz's pastrami sandwich with the Naked Cowboy and i thought to myself, 'only in Chicago.'

What trend do you think will be "big in '08" in the city?