200712aaronb2.jpgWe checked in with some folks recently for a little end of '07 "exit interview" before we enter a new year. It's safe to say that our first subject in this series had a pretty big year with his band Ghostland Observatory (let's just say they've certainly outgrown our Movable Hype shows). With a new album coming out in March, they're poised for world domination in the 2008.

How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
My wife and i will be packing and moving into to our new house!!!! HALLA!!!! Party animals over here!!!!

Any resolutions going into 2008?
Spend more time with my family and friends.

Top 5 bands you heard this year.
The Forms
Prayer For Animals
Prom Nite
Haunting Oboe Music

Most memorable "only in New York" moment of 2007.
Spending "4/20" in Central Park!! Heady bra....

What trend do you think will be "big in '08"?
I think the new trend of 2008 is going to be cell phones installed into your molars.

Photo via Rock'ographers's Flickr.